Roon iPad wallpaper?

Is there any Roon logo wallpaper for the iPad?

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  1. Search Roon in Safari and select images.
  2. Find a suitable image and save it to your photo’s
  3. In photo’s, crop the image to suit.
  4. Select the photo and use it as your lock/home screen.

Well, thats disappointing… no iPad wallpaper there!

You can use any image that you can find online as wallpaper. I found several examples, here’s one: image

To roll your own, crop/resize the logo to 1024x1024 so it works in landscape and portrait, then expand the canvas to 4:3 to fill an iPad screen (2048x1536). Here are some I played with, you need to save them in Photos to be able to select as a wallpaper. Hopefully there are no copyright concerns.


Thank you!

Nice thanks, can you do 4 and 5k ones?

Lovely @mikeb! Can you do a “Dark Side of the Roon”? :smiley:

How about this?


Here are two 4k ones… I have no idea what you’re after, but perhaps they work for you.


Yay! thanks, it is for my pc!

Can you make the all black one with just the word “ROON” on it and skip the “music lover” thing?


I love this one, any chance of that in 5K for my iMac Pro. I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

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The Retina 5K iMac models from the “Late 2014,” “Mid-2015,” “Late 2015,” “Mid-2017,” and “2019” lines all have a 5120x2880 native resolution, but by default run “pixel doubled” at a setting that looks like 2560x1440.

Here is a 2560x1440 version:

Here is a 5120x2880 version:

I’m not sure which will look better, I’d use the smaller one if its acceptable.

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thanks!! can you share the logo PNG or raw log you use to create the wallpapers?

Thanks so much, that very kind of you.

The Roon logo is top left on this forum, as a PNG and 733 × 212. I also used this jpeg (below) which I found with google (or DDG) as @Axel suggested in post #2 above.

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thanks, cheers!

I grabbed the image they have on the website’s homepage and it looks gorgeous on my laptop.

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