Roon iPhone app crashes and added notifications in the way

I have used the roon app on a few different iPhones over the last few years, changed my home wifi infrastructure and different core based of so can’t say its my system that causes the iPhone remote app to hang and crash so often.

I’m currently at the end of a trial of and looking to get an annual subscription yet I must comment on the frequency that that app freezes and they hangs when I try to force quite it and restart.

For myself this has been an issue on and off since I can recall using ROON. I can’t believe I am the only user that has this issue.

Generally all other network activities, file sharing, streaming, smart home, Remote Desktop sessions etc are all stable without fault so again I say this is a roon thing and not my gear or setup .

The issue I have is on your iPhone app, works as it should, you put your phone down, 10 seconds later you go for the app again and it freezes, or your in the middle of using it and it just freezes. Comes across as buggy and unstable in my book and at this stage of its release life cycles I would expect it to rock solid. Anyone else have this issue ongoing?

Also it would be nice if the roon team could move the “added to library” notifications to the lower of the screen as it covers the track que slider and stays onscreen for to long in my book, ok great I’ve added the track, whatever get that out out of the way PLEASE!! .

Rant complete, otherwise thanks to the ROON team for there ongoing work, well done.