Roon is adding items back to queue

When i set a queue playing in Roon items keep being added back to the queue after they have been played. For example I set a ten item queue playing 25 minutes ago, the queue still has ten items in it and Chuck Berry’s Too Much Monkey Business has now played 3 times, Loretta Lynn’s Little Red Shoes has played twice. These two tunes were only selected once each to be part of the queue.

Roon crashed overnight and had to be restarted this morning. NAS was turned off and back on again yesterday. Otherwise the last time I used Roon, last weekend, the queue worked as normal, deleting tracks from the queue as they were played.

Is there a setting that I have messed up, or has Roon developed a strange problem.

Quite happy to provide as many system details as possible, if that will help.

Hi Martin,

I think the queue loop feature may have been inadvertently enabled. Go to the queue page and look just below the album artwork where you should see the loop icon, it’s to the left of the play bar just below the plus icon.

What colour is it?

When active it is blue, when not it’s white, to change just tap/click it.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Carl

Yes, that was the problem. A fat finger error on my part. I’ll sit in the corner and write out “I’m an idiot” 100 times.

Thanks again for your prompt reply and help