Roon is both incredibly great and excruciatingly poor

Not when the audio has been ripped

But if you are just ripping audio from audio/visual DVD then the resultant audio does not match a commercial audio product and can therefore not be automatched.

True, I tag and then send acoustID’s using acoustid-fingerprinter

Okay so SongKong does use Acoustid, and in the absense of anything else SongKong does use the artist/title/album metadata that can be submitted with Acoustid. But this data is notorously unreliable so we only use if have no existing data, and if the acoustid tracks are not linked to a MusicBrainz release then we can only match Song Only rather than full Album match.

I’ve never understood why musicbrainz doesn’t have a bulk metadata upload facility. They could take bulk uploads, apply their rulesets and some machine learning to normalise and validate the submitted data, taking the good stuff and discarding the crud.

Wherever possible I’ve tagged with AMG metadata and there’s just no way I’m going to manually recapture metadata for musicbrainz’ benefit.

Totally agree, one of the oldest existing issues on MusicBrainz is - their distrust of automatic editing verges on luddism, and is somewhat hypocritical since most MusicBrainz super editors use a series of scripts to semi-automate things. There was promising project to have a staging area where releases could be loaded and then imported into MusicBrainz but the developer lost interest and then it was canned when he left.

I have created that makes it easy to find releases for an artist in Discogs that are missing in MusicBrainz and then you can import them one release at a time with a couple of clicks, but still somewhat laborious.

I’m talking about audio DVDA and Bluray audio. For example like this or this.

Ah okay, well the are both in MusicBrainz and and should be matchable by SongKong/Jaikoz - I cannot say why they didnt work for you first time round.

Yeah, entirely possible that I am doing something wrong. Maybe I’m doing something wrong in labeling or tagging my files before running them through SongKong. Or maybe I was doing something wrong with SongKong Are there some step by step instructions somewhere? Thanks!

Essentially you select folder and select Fix Songs, but there are plenty of options and help is available in pdf form at if you need to make adjustments. It is not possible for me to second guess all possible scenarios but if you run it and it doesn’t match then run Help:Create Support Files and I can probably see what the problem is.

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This will be worth keeping an eye on over the next few months.

That’s nice… and with the money Spotify save from not having to employ people to improve their metadata, they can pay the artists a bit more!


“The hoi polloi” is a tautology! “Hoi polloi” will do…

I bow to your learning…

To be really pedantic the modern usage is inverted from its original Greek meaning.

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I learn so much in this forum…

A tautology is commonly defined as a statement in which you say the same thing twice in different words, when this is superfluous. In this sense, the expression “the οἱ πολλοί” is not a tautology. Strictly speaking, it is an ungrammatical construction that contains two adjacent definite articles (“the” and “οἱ”).


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Altso agree on this MetaData thing…bought SongKong service…dont use it yet…course running ROON ROCKand dont now how to use in there…anybody now some info about this?

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