Roon is downsampling files into my SB Touch with EDO

I have set up my SB Touch with EDO. Direct ethernet connection to router. It is playing back fine.

Just noticed that the 24/192 files from Qobuz are being resampled eventually down to 24/96.

Any thought or ideas please.


What have you got the touch output plugged into?

OMG…I’m an idiot!!!
I am going into a Wyred4Sound Remedy then to a uDac. The Remedy accepts192kHz but only outputs 96kHz.
Kind of annoying that it only outputs 96kHz into a DAC that is supposed to be its stable mate (which will accept 192kHz)
Anyway thanks for the eye opener!

What does the Remedy do?

It’s a re-clocker.

I might pull it out to see the effects of running 192 without it in the stream.

From their site.
Recommended applications include: Sonos Connect, Apple TV & Airport Express, Squeezebox Duet & Touch, iPod docks and many more!

The SPDIF output’s sample rate is factory configured to 96kHz. Some DACs can miss-read the status bits for the proper resolution when outputting the signal at 96kHz causing problems with playback; for example displaying the incorrect resolution. If a Wyred 4 Sound DAC is being used then the 96kHz will work properly.

Ah ok. TBH I can’t tell the difference between 96 and 192. But at 60 that’s not a surprise :confounded:

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I’m 70 so I think it will be a real moot point for me! Thanks again for the input and eyeglass cleaning :nerd_face:

But I will pull out the Remedy and see what I can or can’t hear!

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To be honest I had no idea what EDO meant so went looking for specs and then thought…