Roon is not working on Windows 10 ARM

32 bit version should be working on x86 emulation but because of the opengl requirement that roon has, it is not working, and failing with the GL error that many people face when they use a VM, or a computer without the opengl drivers or support.

Is opengl really necessary on a windows client? At least there should be an option to start Roon without opengl support?

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Roon doesn’t support ARM architecture; OpenGL is a prerequisite for Roon but not Roon Server. Do you intend to use this device for Roon Server or Control?

Are you trying to run the Roon client on a Surface Pro X? If so, then it won’t work, as I pointed out last October. The Windows 10 emulation on the ARM architecture only supports a very limited version of OpenGL. The Roon GUI requires more than that.

Thanks for the replies. I intend to use as a control, I have a rock server running at home that I control with all my devices but this one. Out of curiosity, I tried the bridge and it is working fine.

It would be just great to be able to suppress opengl, as I am sure it will work 32 bit x86 binaries, even if you don’t directly support ARM.

Just to add, I have tidal x86 client working in emulation with great success.

Since the Roon Control component has the user interface, and the user interface depends on OpenGL version 3.0 as a minimum, I think you’re out of luck. From a Roon Labs post on hardware requirements:

The user interface is driven by a piece of technology that could be best described as a game engine. It supports fluid animations, and we are trying to keep the frame rate at 60 frames per second (fps), just like a game. It renders graphics using OpenGL and hardware acceleration, just like a game, too.

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thanks for that

i understand all that. however it doesn’t make sense to depend on opengl for a music app.

Same can be achieved without it, and is done by everyone else with better visualisations and interface

now i understand how close this roon project is, which is not great

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