Roon issues with the Deluxe Led Zeppelin albums

Hi new to Roon,

I am having some issues with the deluxe Led Zeppelin albums which i had the same issue back 12 months ago when I had a trial of Roon back then but got fed up with iTunes so decided to buy 12 months of Roon and try again.

Anyway some Deluxe Led Zeppelin albums can have up to 3 CDs on the same album but when I rip the CDs Roon is separating theses 3 CDs into separate albums which I do not like as I want them to be part of one album or one file but showing the info on that file that this is a deluxe album but with 3 CDs.

The other issue I have noticed is the album cover is going by American cover artwork not the UK version of the album which will have different cover artwork.

Depending which country you come from the Artwork can change so the database needs to be better at this I think but not a major issue.

You can merge the three albums into 1 3 album set. See the FAQ:

Hi @Darren_Monk — Thanks for the feedback!

I definitely recommend checking out this article about Box Sets. As mentioned by Daniel above, you can use the Merge Albums feature to manually edit this.

Also, check what disc numbers your ripper has put into the tags. Often multi-CD albums end up with all disc 1, or disc 1/1, 1/2, 1/1, etc. That can cause problems.

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