Roon keeps freezing and crashing on Windows (mostly when resuming from minimized) [Partially Solved]

Er, no. It isn’t.


Hi the resolution of my issue by turning off Gsync for windowed apps was short lived.
Roon has updated again since then and so has my Nvidia 4090 drivers since then.

I have spent about half an hour trying all sorts of things including changing OGL Nvidia App 3D settings and compatibility mode settings and what finally fixed it for me is setting Roon to run as Administrator. No more stuck screen after minimise. Hope that helps others until Roon sort out this mess.

Reporting in as well. I have Roon freezing and crashing on Windows a lot.

It crashes when in the background. Minimized. Maximized on another display. All different scenarios.

some kind of a solution or a nice workaround …
since i have new logitech mouse and keyboard there is very handy way over the options to install a gesture to change the desktop. So roon runs full screen, alone on a second desktop. The rest what i do is on the main desktop.
The other plus is the play/pause button on the kayboard works even when roon is not the active window. So i can play/pause even form the main desktop. Unfortunately the volume up/down buttons don’t work if roon streams over network, because they effect only sondcard-devices.

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My Dell Roon control just locked up, then crashed.