Roon keeps losing connection to Synology NAS

Sorry I do have 10.10.4 but I am on Apple Beta program, so you are one small release back. I only have 31,000 tracks, much less than you.

Thanks, just read about the network change in 10.10.4, hopefully that is released soon. That could be a fix.

Yes Ronnie I am using a watched folder,I have also gone back to a watched SMB network folder with user name and password explicitly listed in Roon as opposed to the mapped volume. The mapped volume was dropping in Roon and Finder. This seems to be working better.

I have 30Mbps Cable so not quite 100.

Where my Mac Mini sits in the back part of the house and is plugged into a good router that is actually a wifi extender (using 2.4GB and 5GB AC wifi back to the wired main router.). My old house was not easy to ethernet through. Whilst this is not an issue for Plex playing 1080P video and Jriver Playing my music, maybe Roon is having issues?

I could temporarily run a long ethernet cable to import the library across the floor in the worst case.

You can check the signal strength of you WIFI signal at the Mac Mini by choosing the wireless icon on the top right of your screen while holding down the Option key. Look for TX Rate - in example mine shows TX Rate: 400Mbps. This is not related to the speed of your internet connection outside of the house (your cable speed). It should be much higher than your cable speed.

Sorry for the late reply. Yes I have kept the smb connection. It seems to be fairly stable.

Hmm I am stilling getting my SMB connection dropping to my Synology NAS.

Things I have tried

  1. Upgraded the Mac OSX to 10.10.4 Beta
  2. Reset my Netgear Wifi EX6200 Extender and reconfigure from scratch.
  3. Change back from a watch folder of type smb://… etc to /volumes/music

The combination has made Roon and connectivity more stable but it still keeps dropping just less often.

I also noticed a strange behaviour when the connection to the NAS drops at the OS level and you reconnect the drive at the OS level. Roon reconnects and starts to remove the albums and artists like a reverse import of metadata. So now if the connection to the NAS is dropped I close Roon first before reconnecting the NAS, then restarting Roon.

Currently on 85000 tracks but struggling to get further data prior to a disconnect.

Other thing I have tried is the long LAN cable or temporary relocation of the mac mini close to primary router and NAS. Import all data and then return to original location attached to wifi extender ethernet port.

@demondes to eliminate the possibility of network / wifi issues is it possible to connect a network switch to your router and then via lan cables connect your NAS and Roon server to the switch, do you still see the issues?