Roon Labs Compositions mistakes

I have a problem with the compositions detection in classical works. I have found that more than often, in albums identified succesfully, with all files matching, the compositions are wrong. It seems like the catalog number is not read well, so the Bach Italian Concerto BWV 971 can be read as Cantata “In Allen Meinen Taten” BWV 97. There’s lots of examples like these.
Any easy solution to this?

I’ve isolated the mismatches a bit more so I’ll try to detail the issues I’ve found.
The source is the Bach Cantatas collection in the Brilliant label, with Pieter Van Leusink as conductor. There are some different editions of these same recordings, but in my case, the ones included in the Bach Complete Edition boxset are identified perfectly well with two boxsets named Cantatas I and Cantatas II. So I get all the credits and track titles fine, but I’ve found that a big bunch of the compositions names (and therefore the links associated) are wrong. It seems like as if Roon only takes in account the Bach catalog number, the BWV, to extract the work name, and didn’t do a good job at it, with a lot of reading mistakes, BWV 100 for BWV 1 as an example. So, as the Bach cantatas use to have low BWV numbers, I’ve detected around 80 works wrong (I have a list if you want it).
I have some other Bach cantatas CD, although not complete set as this, with recordings by Gardiner or Suzuki, and the problem arises as well.