Roon Labs: What's New For August

Hi everyone,

First off, the whole Roon team would like to thank everyone for all the great feedback and encouraging words we’ve received from the community in the short time since we launched. We have so much planned, and your feedback drives every product decision we make.

As we close in on 90 days since launch, I wanted to provide a quick update to the community, as there will be some changes to our website and pricing starting today.

  • We will be expanding the account management options available on the website. Once you’re logged in, you can see your account type and renewal date, as well as your upgrade or cancellation options. Of course you can still email us with any questions, but a number of account management options are now available directly on the website.

  • We’ll also be ending our introductory discount for annual subscribers, although new lifetime subscribers will still be eligible for 10% off. If you’re currently on a free trial and decide you want to switch over to an annual account early, just let us know and we’ll make sure you get the same deal featured on the website when you signed up.

Also, I want to let everyone know that Roon 1.1 is on its way and will easily be our biggest release since launch. Apart from a host of optimizations and tweaks that have come from your feedback, there are three major features coming in Roon 1.1

  • Roon 1.1 will introduce a whole host of new editing and metadata handling features. There will be many more options for using data in your file tags, and support for editing of track and album titles, ratings, picks, genres, release information, and much more from within the Roon application.

  • Roon 1.1 will introduce RoonServer, which will allow Roon to run as a background process on both Windows and OSX. The “headless” version of Roon is even more lightweight than running the full Roon application, and will allow you run Roon on many kinds of “always on” machines, even those that don’t meet the minimum graphics requirements needed to render Roon’s interface.

  • And of course 1.1 will debut Roon for iPad, which will allow remote control of Roon using the same immersive browsing experience you’ve seen on desktop. We submitted to the App Store approval process and have received preliminary approval to being our internal testing, which is now in full swing while we await final approval.

While I can’t quite guarantee a release date for 1.1 yet, I can tell you that testing and App Store approval are underway, and all this new functionality will ship as soon as we are approved and fully tested.

We want this release live as bad as you guys do, but we can’t flip the switch until it’s ready. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and support and look forward to exceeding everyone’s expectation, with 1.1 and beyond!

Thanks everyone,

The Roon Labs Team


Thanks Mike and all at Roon,

Very much looking forward to 1.1. Each of those new features reflects a great deal of work and effort which is very much appreciated.

Can we expect Roonspeakers to come with 1.1 or do you have a different map for that ?

I ask as an Aries owner reduced to using Roon via Airplay; it feels like driving a car with a man holding a red flag walking in front.

I feel your pain, but it is not scheduled for 1.1. However, work is nearly complete with RoonSpeakers and we will be delivering to hardware manufacturers next month.

Can’t wait for fully meta data editing and iPad. Very exciting.


Although the current product is already ’ quite acceptable’, looking forward to another level of awesomeness…

Appreciate the heads-up and transparency, keep it up!

This is what I love, you guys telling us guys where we are at. It eases the wait. It ramps the expectation. 1.1 could be where I go lifetime!

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That sounds great - thank you for the update.

One question: will 1.1 include Songcast support? I am also an Aries owner so was thinking that this could be a solution until Aries incorporates proper RoonSpeakers support - if my understanding of how all this fits together is correct?

applause :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the new release. Any new integration with Windows 10?

Any news on SqueezeBox endpoint support - or is that also bundled with RoonSpeakers ?

Hello Mike and Danny,

Thank you for an update about the update. Enjoying the fruits of your labor. roon is a game-changer of monumental proportions.The program’s features, reliable performance, support interpersonal and cues available when initiating an operation like creating a remote connection is marvelous. Not since Amarra Symphony with iRC and HQPlayer have I been so impressed and delighted with the profound experience this hobby delivers most of the time. I have never enjoyed music and my library as much until roon arrived. It’s the roon of me.

With gratitude and appreciation,


Will an iPad Mini work with the upcoming iOS version or is the screen too small?

Exciting stuff, and although there are lots of community requests for new features etc, it’s kind of hard to believe you launched only 90 days ago! What you guys have done is amazing! Hopefully you take all the excitement for new features in the spirit it’s intended - excitement for a great new product!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Cannot wait ! This is the release that is going to change a lot of my workflow especially being able to run a Roon server. That should hopefully improve SQ even further, any news on SQ enhancements, we really ned some sort of EQ to be built in. Will that be in V1.1?

Great news!

I agree. Two comments/questions.

  1. Do the new metadata options include importing itunes groups as tags?
    that is really essential for those of us with many hours invested in
    metadata curating in itunes or jriver.

  2. I’m VERY hopeful that a HQ Player interface is still on the horizon.
    I’m a lifetime Roon subscriber, but I’ll be honest, every time I listen
    to an album in hq player I have to listen to hq player or vinyl for
    the rest of day…have to let my ears forget before going back to
    Roon for playback. Sometimes I even find what I want to listen to
    using roon and then go and play it from HQ Player which is quite
    inconvenient. This is true for 16/44, 24/192, DSD64, DSD128 (and I can only play DSD256 with HQ Player). This is the case both with My Auralic Vega system as well
    as my ifi micro iDAC2 and ifi micro iDSD systems. The Roon metadata
    experience is great…better than anything else…but the SQ is a
    long way behind HQ player.

I’m rooting for your guys…keep up the good work.


PS Also looking forward to roonspeakers.

HQPlayer, Squeezebox, RoonSpeakers, Linux, RaspberryPi, and more are coming AFTER 1.1.


Good to hear it…thanks Danny.


Very psyched about HQPlayer support too.

Thanks guys.