Roon largely non-functional without internet connection?

Running 1.8 which mostly I’m liking. However… In the midst of an internet outage here I’m noticing things like an inability to browse by composer on the iPad client, and the Android client (despite being connected via wifi to the same network as the Roon core) informing me that “you need to connect to the same wifi network as the Roon core.” Roon client running on the same machine as the Roon core is also… very sluggish, taking upwards of 5-7 minutes to browse albums or tracks. Is this new in 1.8 or just something I’ve never seen before?

Local music library only or do you have a streaming service enabled?

Tidal as well as local. Obviously don’t expect Tidal to be available without internet.

Try disconnecting Tidal as source for the moment till your internet is stable?

What? Issue is that local files are essentially unavailable when internet connection is not present.

I get that, but it may be Roon keeps trying to access internet because you still have a streaming service enabled and it’s thus browsing an integrated library, or trying to. Disable Tidal and see if it makes a difference, it may just.

I asked this question years ago when I was planning a house move

Roon checks periodically with the license server but not daily so it should run without an Internet connection.

@evand is right , it’s probably hunting for Tidal

@support is this still the case

I’ve noticed similar issues with the cable/internet down.

Nuc/Rock continues to function with local files but the remote software on the IPAD will freeze on startup after the Recent Activity is displayed.

My Windows 10 remote works fine with focus and radio restricted to local files only.