Roon Library and Streaming services?

I only use Tidal with Roon and I have built quite a large library there. What happens if I stop using Tidal and move to use Qobuz. Is Roon able to map the library to Qobuz?

No it’s not. You can transfer tidal tracks to Qobuz via a 3rd party such as Soundiiz.


I have Tidal and Qobuz with a little over 1000 of the same albums linked in both. When I cancelled my Tidal account and started a new one with Best Buy, I used the Versions button to manually add back the Tidal albums. It took several hours.

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This would be handy, but Roon does not provide a way to do this.

I’ve found Soundiiz handy for converting playlists between TIDAL and Qobuz. You’d have to pay $4.50 for their Premium plan to do a “Platform to Platform” transfer of all your collections at one time. I’ve not tried this, but it’s probably the best way to go.

Use Soundiiz to transfer your library from Tidal to Qobuz you can pay for once and transfer and cancel there is no official migration tools for this. It may not find all of them either as they will have different versions to Tidal for some. So those will need manual intervention. So keep Tidal until you have it all moved so you can cross reference you have not missed anything.

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I recently used the free version of Tune My Music. Seemed to do a better job than soundiiz on some things.


Free Tune My Music worked great. Thanks.

This would be an awesome Roon Feature. Mapping the library to a new service.


Thanks for this. I just signed up and syncing my Qobuz albums to Apple Music. Previously, I was using SongShift that had gotten intolerably slow.

EDIT: I just copied all my albums from Tidal and Qobuz to Apple Music. This app works really well. Thanks again.


Keep in mind that Qobuz and TIDAL have individual agreements with the recording publishers. There are content differences between the two, particularly in jazz where Qobuz has much more European content. Expect to leave some music behind if you switch services. In US, only Qobuz and TIDAL are available. Deezer is not in our market. Spotify and Apple are still lossy only.

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Yes, that is true.

A cool Room feature would be one where Roon could just map to same records and report on the missing ones. That is the way those services like Tune My Music and Soundiiz work.

I just used Tune My Music to copy my 2000+ album library from Tidal database to Qobuz database. Tune My Music reported that 21 records were not available in Qobuz.

Now I have mostly the same stuff in Roon on the Qobuz and Tidal. I do not like MQA so I will probably move to Qobuz.

Have there been any improvements in functionality here? I’ve been using Tidal+Roon so most of my library is Tidal tracks, but I’m considering switching to Qobuz. I pretty heavily use tags instead of playlists, so using something like Soundiiz doesn’t really help me since the majority of my organization is done entirely within the Roon library+tags system.

I’d love if Roon could match (even if in a somewhat lossy fashion) Tidal song/album with Qobuz song/album and then map over the tag and Roon favorites (hearts) information. Transferring additional metadata would be a nice to have, but not critical.