Roon library issues QNAP drive TS-473A

I am unable to play music files using Roon remote from my SSD NAS stored music library using my bluesound enabled end points (2 Bluesound node 2i and 1 nad c658).

The NAS devices meets the specification required for use a roon core server. Qobuz streaming works fine on all devices.

Today I managed to play my music on each of Bluesound devices using the Bluesound application after updating shared folder permissions on the nas

I can index my library within roon and within each or the bluesound end points.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As a first, try these:

I’ve managed get access to my library after many hours of making changes from within my local network and also out side my network using roon arc ( i changed the default listening port used by this app for enhanced security).

I enabled anonymous log in using guest credentials, I gave full read and write access to my library to the guest network. Then I reconfigured my library using the same ip addess location to my music library that my windows laptop rather than using my server name.

I will now re-enable many of enhanced security settings, one at time to ensure I don’t lose access again to this library. The last thing I would want is another ransomware attack.

Black Jack,

Many thanks for taking the time in posting your suggestions. I did try disabling firewalls on the NAS and on my PC and this didn’t help solve the issue. I also updating every app to the latest version including the firmware for my nas.

There are thousands of settings in these Qnap devices. I wish there was a decent academic level book available as am only a beginner at building and configuring nas devices. In hindsight I wish that I had purchased a roon core nucleus due to noise of the nas, complexity , cost and ongoing ransomware attacks.

I will consider implementing audio processing and upscaling in the future.

Then this

should no longer be needed if the library is on the same NAS and you should configure it as local folder instead. If this doesn’t work for you, please install the latest package (see the link I posted).

I have Roon Core on a TS-473 . Soon after release I posted an issue with using the server name rather than the IP address. Was this the issue?

I had a malware attack a year ago and had to wipe all the SSD’s. (Not a problem and no data loss.) My NAS is now used as a local server and blocked to external traffic. So I can’t use ARC, but I never had any interest in it anyway.

I am a new member on this and appears to be the same issue with the server name causing the roon core issues with playback of the local library.

BTW I am running the latest version of the software according to the roon application: 2.0 build 1182. I would rather the software updated itself automatically.

I am not technically experienced enough to know why the server name would be an issue even with this files being on local NAS directory. Maybe its Linux/Unix issue?

I have enabled arc with port forwarding and I am getting worried about potential ransomware hacks. I dont think I can invest the time in setting up the NAS from scratch again. Perhaps I could just forward just one address to reduce the risk of a hack.

QNAP has malware, antivirus and firewall apps and I have them all running with no problem.

I use my QNAP for Roon and document storage using Qsync. As the Qsync files are on my office computer, I have a usb drive that I plug it every few days, it does a Time Machine backup and I them unplug.

As my music files are elsewhere I’m not worried about them, but I would be worried about not having a remote backup of music files stored on a QNAP. This is very easy to do.

The only problem with wiping my QNAP was that I had to take the drives out and reformat them externally. If there was a way of doing it without removing them, I didn’t find it.

Steve most QNAP NAS devices should have a reset button. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one on my model.

Yesterday evening roon core server did lose access to my qobuz streaming when i tried to tighten my security permissions. I am unsure why this occurred and the roon app definitely didn’t have access to the Internet. I didn’t change any firewall settings.

I managed to fix the issue and will not make too many changes.