Roon licencing 2 cores and 1 licence

I have two cores as I am in the middle of a transfering over to ROCK. If I switch off the Windows PC completely… will I be able to use my existing licence in the new ROCK core…???

Correspondingly can I switch off the ROCK core use the Windows core? I think theoretically this should work… can anyone advise.

Also I have done a backup of my Windows core… I am hoping to restore this to my ROCK core… will this carry over my DSP settings and files… Qobuz settings and passwords etc.

Any views and advice on this?

You could just follow info from Roon’s helpcenter, it’s all there.

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Yes, yes, that’s what a Backup/Restore does.

I thought we settled this in your other thread?

Just getting a second opinion, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just to let you know it all worked flawlessly…everything great…thanks for all your help guys


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