Roon, Linn, DSD and/or multichannel?

What, if any, formats other than stereo PCM will a Selekt or Akurate DSM (with surround module) stream from Roon over Ethernet? Stereo DSD? Multichannel PCM? Multichannel DSD? (The Akurate, if I understand correctly, would need an Exakt box to support multichannel output.)


At the Katalyst level you get native DSD to the KDS/3 from Roon, I guess you might get that with the latest Akurate. My Majik DS is first-gen so transcodes.

Thanks for the status report!

As far as I understand it the DSD support from Linn Katalyst is more or less accidental. The ‘new’ DAC supports it and that means that Linn Katalyst does as well. It is not a format that Linn officially supports.

The only way you can get multichannel is through HDMI. With the ‘old’ HDMI module it only accepts a multichannel PCM signal. If you have the upgraded surround HDMI module than the Linn DSM can decode different formats. I haven’t tested it myself with Roon (the Roon Server is located in a different room so I can’t connect it with HDMI) but multichannel music works when I play it from my Oppo bluray player which is connected to my Klimax DSM.