Roon Linux crashes on bulk copying of albums/tracks

I’ve just installed the Roon trial on an Intel i3 2.9GHZ, 16GB RAM (Gigabyte motherboard) running a brand new install of Ubuntu Server with a 500GB Samsung 850 SSD.

When trying to copy my music collection from my QNAP or iMac, Roon crashes after somewhere around 60 to 200 tracks (and this happens even if you break up the transfers into smaller chunks once the total number of transferred tracks between reboots goes somewhere above the 60 mark).

The Roon app on the iMac then loses the connection to Roon for about 15 seconds, I assume while the Roon services restart. You then have to also restart the iMac app, or that gets confused too.

Is this a known bug on Linux?

Not encountered this, and I regularly copy files into the Roon Server on Linux’ watched folders (which is a local mount to the server) from other machines on the network.

Are you using Watched folders or Organised folders?


I’m using organised folders as I want my music to reside on the Roon box. I copied the music from a backup which resides on a separate network and then moved the Roon box to the home network.


That might explain it as I image Roon being thrown into a loop with the environment changing every time it thinks it’s got a read on what’s on disk. Let’s ask @mike to look into it.

FWIW I’d used watched folders instead.

I was under the impression that watched folders don’t actually copy the music files over to Roon, but depend on a second SMB server being present. Did I understand that correctly?

Ideally, I would like to retain a one-box solution (replacing my existing Sooloos setup).

Not really. A local folder can be a watched folder…choose Add Folder, Add Local Folder.

Ah, good point. So, will Roon copy the flac music files there through the drag and drop operation or would I need to install/configure NFS on the Linux box?

I’d use NFS, copy the files over to a local folder on the server then point RoonServer to it as a local folder.

I quite like the workflow, though, so I hope this gets fixed. I’d rather not setup NFS privileges for my wife and show her how to login etc.

Interestingly, although it wouldn’t work reliably connected on the LAN, uploading another ten albums via a wireless connection went without a hitch! :slight_smile: