Roon Live Radio Issues playing new TuneIN stations

Hi, I have problems playing new stations that I added from link from Tunin Radio. Hope someone can help me.
My roon version is 1.8(build795) stable (X64) with core running on Windows 10 PC.
First I added one station-Calm Radio-Positivity-from Tunein Radio with the link page showed on Chrome Brower( Calm Radio - Positivity | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn ) . I then played the station on roon(the link on the end of roon’s edit page is,aac ). Eveything works fine.

Then I followed the same process adding two local stations with the link in brower and roon’s edit pages as follows:

  1. New98
    browser page link: News 98 FM Radio, News 98 新聞網 98.1 FM, Taipei, Taiwan | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn
    roon’s edit page link:,aac

2.UFO networks
browser page link: UFO Radio, UFO Radio飛碟電台 92.1 FM, Taipei, Taiwan | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn
roon’s edit page link:,aac

Then I tried to play the above two stations. A massage " Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load " pop out.

Thanks for providing solutions.

Hello @Kevin_Hsu , I also cannot play those links. I do it know why they don’t work. I will inform the devs.

In the meantime, I have added News 98 FM Radio and UFO Radio for you. They should work.

Woo!I did not expect that someone can solve my issues so quickly when I submitted this request. Even amasingly that you help setup workable live stations. I am very grateful for your help. I am still in my 14 days of free subscription. I am now more confident of using this expensive app. Thanks again and wish the best of you!

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