Roon locking up when scrolling

Roon Core Machine

Asus ROG Dark Hero, AMD5900x, EVGA 3080ti ftw3 ultra, Mushkin 64 gig RAM, Samsung 980 Pro 1 tb x 2, WD Black 4 tb x 2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus RT-AX3000, 1 gb CAT6 connection, 200+ mbs Internet

Connected Audio Devices

USB → iFi Zen One Signature, s/pdif → Meridian component stack

Number of Tracks in Library

70k +

Description of Issue

Since I have a lot of artists I commonly grab the scroll bar and drag it down to find who I’m looking for. The Roon UI is constantly locking up as soon as the scroll bar has moved a few inches. I’m not sure if this is because I have a fast processor with lots of threads but it’s acting like there is some non-threadsafe code involved with this problem. The only way to recover is to shut down Roon with Task Manager and start all over again.

Hi @Dean_Kimball ,

Where does this issue happen, is it happening directly on the Asus Core?

Does the issue impact other Roon remotes as well? When the app stops responding, does the app recover, or do you need to force-quit it?

What screen in Roon are you looking at when dragging the scroll hangle? Are you looking at your entire library for example in the Artists or Tracks browser?

Hi @noris, yes this is happening directly on my Roon core which is on my gaming PC which is on an Asus Dark Hero MB with an AMD 9500x with 64 gig of RAM and everything running from Samsung 980 Pro NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSDs so it’s not going to be due to a lack of processing power. That’s why I’m thinking this may be a reentrancy bug since these types of things tend to show up more often when tasks are switching rapidly. This is just a guess but I’m a software architect/developer and have seen similar results when this happens.

I only started with Roon earlier this summer and don’t have any remotes installed yet so I can’t answer the question regarding remotes.

When Roon freezes it’s completely locked up and shows up as not responding in task manager so the only way to recover is to shut it down with task manager and restart it.

I’ve only seen this happen when I’m on the Artists view. I never normally use tracks display but I can test this on albums and tracks if that will help. It also only happens when I do a fast drag but is very easy to replicate when fast dragging. I’m currently using search or slow dragging to avoid this condition but it would be very nice if fast dragging didn’t lock up.

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Hi @Dean_Kimball ,

Thank you for providing those details!

This sounds like similar behavior to the issue we are investigating in the following thread, please see our latest update here:


Noris, I think Roon fixed whatever was causing my freezes in their last release. However, I will keep an eye on this list. My lockups are/were always caused by exactly the same action and can never recover without shutting down Roon in Task Manager. The freezes in this thread are being reported as due to networking issues and other configuration problems. I’m not having any other freezes like this on my computer but the problem I reported could easily reproduced on Roon as follows:

  1. Use a large library with 70k+ tracks and test on a fast CPU with lots of cores
  2. Open Artists
  3. Grab the scroll bar and quickly pull to the bottom

Result: Roon freezes with the scrollbar somewhere between the top and the bottom. It is a hard lockup that will not recover other than killing the process manually.

I will post if this happens again.

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