Roon, Mac Mini M2, Bacch software, and a NADM33 NAD

I would like some help. I’m thinking of using a mac mini m2 as a streamer, install roon core on it, then bacch software (BACCH4Mac | Theoretica Applied Physics) and connect the mac via Roon Core to my amplifier (NAD M33).

All with WIFI, or maybe use ethernet for the mac computer to the modem, if necessary.

Now my question:

Is it possible to control roon core on the mac mini m2 remotely from my iphone/laptop? I want to be sure that the stream is from Roon CORE to BACCH to my amplifier (a NAD M33).

And would it be possible to connect from the Roon Core to the NAD M33 without a cable? Because the NAD M33 is roon ready?

The configurator shows you the connectivity I believe, you can’t go network to the nad if you want to use the bacch you feed analogue to the nad from the bacch audio interface. Or usb.

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