ROON Mac Mini Microrendu 2.5

I’m very confused and looking for some guidance.

I am running ROON 1.8, …Mac Mini 2014 OS Monterey…

MicroRendu 2.5 (ROON Ready 1.1.37)…USB Dac.

I have been running this for awhile and everything was working great!

Because of an lighting storm in the area over the summer I powered everything off and discunted everything from power.

It has stayed this way for a couple of months. After trying to connect everything back, I am not able to get sound out of my speakers.

I have tried unplugging and rebooting everything.

Roon boots up fine…It sees the Rendu as an ouput…I see the lights on the rendu flicker as if sound is being streamed through it.

I have also tried using another USB DAC and replacing the USB cable.

Is there an output setting in ROON or something im missing? Thanks in advance.

I have a microrendu.
First thing I’d check is the microrendu’s setup page and see if everything looks ok.
For example is the App Switcher set to Roon Ready and have you enabled the Roon Ready zone in Roon (as opposed to either being set to Airplay)

Also, I had this issue once and was baffled for days until I realized I’d switched from a USB DAC that does native DSD to one that doesn’t.
The MicroRendu was set to Native DSD and I happened to be testing with DSD files.
Longshot but you never know…

Thanks for replying. I did verify Roon is setup for the Rendu and everything else is sitting at Enable. I keep thinking im missing something in the setup…how about the private zone or something like that is the device output setting

I don’t see private zone with my Rendu so I’m not sure about that nor am I sure what’s going on here to be honest.

Are you seeing the DAC as well as the Rendu in device setup?
As here:

Is the progress bar moving in Roon as if music is playing?

This is what I have.

I change the DAC to any tube DAC as I didn’t see my DAC in the list.

Also just to show Roon is playing

Problem found. My DAC has a headphone output so I tried a pair to see if music was getting to the DAC and I could hear music. The only thing I didn’t try was swapping out RCA cables from the DAC to my preamp. Boom! Music is back! I never would have thought that. I put the orignal cables back to see if maybe I didn’t have them pushed in all the way or something but they didn’t work. Very strange but all is good now. Thanks for all your help.

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