Roon Maximum amount of albums

How many albums can Roon handle?
for a library of 40k albums an advice of how to set up a new NUC.
Now a NUC 5 with i5 and 16gb of ram and Win 10 -
Exclusive use for music, no other software
but it’s always very slow Roon .
is it possible that by editing all the albums this could happen?
Thanks in advance .

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I can only say what works for me (most of the time):
Library of 34K albums / 570K tracks
I use ROCK (not windows) on a fanless NUC 10 Core i7, 256 GB SSD and 16 GB Ram.
Ethernet runs to the NAS which stores the music.
I have been a Roon user for several years now and I have experienced slow responses on occasion, but they almost always indicated Roon was doing something in the background. My dedicated listening windows are Saturday morning and Sunday morning, so it can be especially frustrating when Roon is not working well during those specific timeslots. Today for instance, all is well (knock on wood quickly).
I opened up a remote (Ipad), selected an album and it started playing within seconds.

So I think the number of albums Roon is capable of handling, depends on your hardware. I know there are a few users on here with bigger libraries than mine. Might be worth upgrading your NUC, but others will no doubt chime in here.

A generation 5 with an i5 isn’t going to work very well with a very large library of say 250k tracks and up.
Roon’s nucleus has an i7 and was recommended for 100k+ tracks.

Large libraries require a fast single core speed and the more ram you can throw at it. Tbh I would not even look at Nuc based core at all if I have a library of that size as if you’re still collecting you will hit a ceiling for its performance. Go for a beefy desktop with a full size cpu and not the lowpower ones used in NuCs and it will give more longevity. Also having the files locally to the server on a USB drive or internal drive will improve performance over a NAS.

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