Roon & McAfee Firewall

I am running Roon Core on a headless machine which also has McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5 installed. I have setup the appropriate exception rules for Roon Server on the McAfee Firewall settings but every time Roon does an update it gets blocked by McAfee Firewall. The solution has been to redo the exception rules every time this happens.

However my other software like JRiver seems to work just fine with the Firewall, What is Roon doing differently that it keeps getting blocked by the Firewall after each update? Perhaps someone running McAfee Endpoint Security can suggest a better rules strategy to handle this? My current rule(s) are based on allowing the Roon Server and Roon Appliance ,exe files through the firewall.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Screenshots of my McAfee Firewall setup …

The exceptions are applied to the RoonSever.EXE and RoonAppliance.EXE files in the Roon Server / Application directory