Roon & McIntosh MX-122

Does anyone have experience using Roon with the McIntosh MX-122 pre/processor?

I originally bought a MX122 last year. I went back and forth between the MX122 and the MX160 and took the cheaper route. Luckily (in hindsight), the unit failed within 30 days of purchase and McIntosh allowed me to upgrade to the MX160 for just the incremental price. The MX160 is in a different league than the MX122. It’s a unique platform while the MX122 is based on the Marantz AV8805 platform. It has Room Perfect room correction (from Lyndorf) vs Audyssey which is IMHO far superior. Having had both the sound from the MX160 is also far superior – richer sounding with more detail. I would highly recommend going with the MX160 if you can afford it and if not, I suggest you could probably get almost the same capability as the MX122 at a cheaper price if you just go with a Marantz…

I should have noted neither the MX122 or MX160 are roon ready. I have 2 roon entry points into my MX160 (and you could do the same with the MX122). I have a Sonora Signature Rendu SE connected via USB for stereo music and a hdmi connection from my nucleus+ for multichannel music.