Roon Memory Leak on QNAP / Synology?

There is a new posting/review of Roon + QNAP and large libraries over on Audiophile Style entitled:
Running a Large Roon Library on a QNAP TVS-872XT

I have a similar experience to the reviewer, however, I am Synology-based.

My Synology DS-3617xs:

Intel Xeon D-1527
4 core
10Gb Ethernet

I also have a large local library with lots of HiRez files:

11K+ Albums
165K+ Tracks
~3K+ Tidal albums

When freshly booted, my NAS is snappy and performs well running Roon. Overtime, performance degrades - playback is fine but searching, pulling up info, etc… all things UI-related. I suspect a memory leak. Regular reboots isn’t a good solution as my NAS does other things as well which don’t like to be interrupted. I believe that Roon on a NAS is an infrequent deployment mode for Roon, and perhaps it doesn’t get as much engineering attention as other deployment modes. I love Roon, and am hopeful that one day a fix will appear. Especially given that running Roon on a NAS is really an ideal deployment mode.

I was observing the very same symptoms on a Synology NAS. Clogging Up after a while. Reboot and everything works until you need to reboot again.

I hope Roon eventually solves this not just for QNAP but also for Synology.

On a NUC now but this is only second best (and very slow because it has only 1GB Ethernet while my Synology is on a 10GB Net). Shuffling files to that NUC is a PITA because of that poor network speed.