Roon memory leaking - Mac Mini M1

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini M1 - 16GB RAM - macOS 12.x

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi DMP → Flex mini switch ->(eth)Mac

Connected Audio Devices

Meitner MA-3 via eth

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Memory slowly leaks upwards. It starts out around 1.5gb, then adds .5gb every 15 minutes. Recently was up to 13gb. When I catch it high, it takes several minutes to quit Roon (3min+) then I wait 10 minutes or so, and try to restart.
Icon bounces for 1min then goes away.
Cannot launch Roon again and doesn’t show in CPU or Memory stats.
Have to restart my Mac, to get it launched again.

Some stats of constant increase with no end in sight…

07/09 15:12:08 Info: [stats] 39459mb Virtual, 1430mb Physical, 266mb Managed
07/09 15:12:23 Info: [stats] 39476mb Virtual, 1453mb Physical, 269mb Managed
07/09 15:12:38 Info: [stats] 39492mb Virtual, 1475mb Physical, 271mb Managed
07/09 15:12:53 Info: [stats] 39525mb Virtual, 1488mb Physical, 274mb Managed
07/09 15:13:08 Info: [stats] 39557mb Virtual, 1468mb Physical, 277mb Managed
07/09 15:13:23 Info: [stats] 39582mb Virtual, 1377mb Physical, 279mb Managed
07/09 15:13:38 Info: [stats] 39599mb Virtual, 1399mb Physical, 282mb Managed
07/09 15:13:53 Info: [stats] 39626mb Virtual, 1416mb Physical, 286mb Managed
07/09 15:14:08 Info: [stats] 39659mb Virtual, 1418mb Physical, 289mb Managed
07/09 15:14:23 Info: [stats] 40195mb Virtual, 1435mb Physical, 292mb Managed
07/09 15:14:38 Info: [stats] 40219mb Virtual, 1369mb Physical, 294mb Managed
07/09 15:14:53 Info: [stats] 40236mb Virtual, 1291mb Physical, 297mb Managed
07/09 15:15:08 Info: [stats] 40252mb Virtual, 1226mb Physical, 299mb Managed
07/09 15:15:23 Info: [stats] 40285mb Virtual, 1173mb Physical, 302mb Managed
07/09 15:15:38 Info: [stats] 40317mb Virtual, 1151mb Physical, 305mb Managed
07/09 15:15:53 Info: [stats] 40334mb Virtual, 1178mb Physical, 308mb Managed
07/09 15:16:08 Info: [stats] 40354mb Virtual, 1274mb Physical, 320mb Managed
07/09 15:16:23 Info: [stats] 40389mb Virtual, 1301mb Physical, 323mb Managed
07/09 15:16:38 Info: [stats] 40413mb Virtual, 1326mb Physical, 327mb Managed
07/09 15:16:53 Info: [stats] 40448mb Virtual, 1352mb Physical, 330mb Managed
07/09 15:17:08 Info: [stats] 40466mb Virtual, 1377mb Physical, 332mb Managed
07/09 15:17:23 Info: [stats] 40486mb Virtual, 1400mb Physical, 335mb Managed
07/09 15:17:38 Info: [stats] 40511mb Virtual, 1402mb Physical, 337mb Managed
07/09 15:17:53 Info: [stats] 40537mb Virtual, 1418mb Physical, 340mb Managed
07/09 15:18:08 Info: [stats] 40573mb Virtual, 1442mb Physical, 343mb Managed

Same problem here.

I also just tested on my macOS Ventura beta system and does the same thing…

Think reading thru they say it’s a Roon issue on apple silicon, but we’ve been waiting forever for a arm64 update to Roon on Mac.

Sadly it’s the only app on my entire system that has so much trouble, and anecdotally it’s the only non arm64 apple silicone app on my system.

I think work on the current bandaid solution is probably on the back burner due, as you say, to the new native version.

Same here, but a slower rate of increase for me. All I can suggest is that you restart Roon server every once in a while. This is annoying, but as @ged_hickman1 mentioned, I don’t this this will be fixed until the native version is released. The good news is that the native version will be much better. Here’s what Danny said, when asked about his experience of using the beta version:

Thanks for the response. Any idea how we can test the beta?

Roon do have beta testers, but I don’t recall them ever making a beta version available for general download. Fingers crossed it gets released sooner rather than later.

I have an M1 Mini but I don’t know how you generated those stats…Is that a Mac OS app?

You can see the basic memory usage in Activity Monitor, or I pulled those stats from the Roon log in

I also used the ‘cat’ command in terminal command line. if you cd to the logs direct then run

cat Roon_log.txt | grep stats

Are you using the Roon server app with no user interface? I ask because I don’t have this problem with my M1 Mac mini and I am using the Roon server app with no user interface…

No. I’m using Roon app as my Core. I use the app/interface at my desk.

BTW - thanks for the suggestion of Server vs App… I have an iPad so I will try running server for a couple days and monitor memory usage. which will become a moot point next week anyway cause I bought a fanless Roon NUC 8 i5

You’re welcome. I switched from a sonicTransporter i9 (which is a more powerful than a Nucleus appliance that offers more features and flexibility) to the M1 Mac mini. I run HQPlayer with settings that require some real CPU power. I could not be happier with the M1 Mac mini…it runs Roon and HQPlayer with aplomb!

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