Roon migrating to .NET Core 2.0 and banishing Mono?

Lifted this from Emby forum:

This is a build that targets .NET core, the newer and smaller runtime from Microsoft. What’s the big deal? It’s smaller and faster, with major performance improvements over both the classic .NET Framework as well as the Mono runtime.

Will Roon be migrating to .NET Core 2.0, which means mono will no longer be needed (good for Mac people)? And would this mean that iOS devices can finally be an output device just like android can?

Since your question brings up Mac, I’ll address it in that context.

Most of the .NET Core features that matter are being incorporated into Mono, and Mono has quite a bit of bindings for Mac OS’s desktop interfaces (Finder, Dock, MenuBar, etc…) that Roon uses.

The biggest thing we want to see moved over is the garbage collector, and that has been getting really good on Mono with the new 5.x releases.

.NET Core actually suffers from the same GC issues as Mono on iOS, but there is new work in the 5.x releases that may get us past the humps.

To directly answer your question in the title, the answer is no.

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A question from an old fire house horse answering the bell -

Your comments about garbage collection lead me to believe you program in C#.

Is this true?

A lot of our stuff is in C#/F#, but there is also a ton of C/C++ too, and the UI is all a custom home-grown language called Broo.

On the backend, it is mostly NodeJS, C#/F#, C/C++.

Thanks ever so much for the succinct answer. Yep, iOS devices not being able to become an output device is the moan I get from the Husband.


Always considered C# to be gilding the lily, but a lot has changed since I wrote my last line of code 20 years ago.:sunglasses:

Broo allows us to have a HUGE UI with 1 developer (who started out not knowing how to code because he was a designer) owning it all, on multiple platforms.


I sincerely hope that s/he never falls under a bus…

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If we were able to create our own UIs would that be HomeBroo? :joy:


Amazing. (and what a beautiful piece of work…)

Is it accidental that Broo also has two o’s ? :grinning::sunglasses:

So many things have OOs in our world… Imagoo is our image processing library, Fontagoo is our Font/graphics stuff, our server-side “cloud” infrastructure system is called “clood”, etc… I even have a server named twoos :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget “SOOLOOS” :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you have created your own woorld in your offices, i can recommend a great game:


Is that pronounced Bro or Brew ?

Brew. All the “oo” names are that kind of long “o” sound.

You can get iOS output from iPeng: