Roon migration plan

Hi Guys (and Gals),

I’m planning on migrating my 9k+ albums from Sooloos to Roon. This is my plan. Right now I have a 4-drive 4TB server in Raid 5 (this is my Sooloos DB) and a 4TB 2-drive server in Raid 1 (to be used for backup). My plan is to back up the Sooloos DB from the 4-drive unit to the 2-drive unit and then take the two drives and store them in different locations. That should give me two complete copies of the DB in case anything ever goes wrong. Then I’m going to insert new drives in the 2-drive server and do a full export to it. Once I’ve done that I will wipe the 4-drive unit and copy the exported files back to it and use it as my permanent music server with a Roon Nucleus. Finally, I will move the 2-drive unit to an off site location and rSync it with the 4-drive unit, which should protect me in case anything goes wrong. Does anyone see anything wrong with this methodology?




I cringe a lot when you talk about “killing the master”. I have a motto I follow with data it is a photographers strategy called 3-2-1 backup plan. (Note I go further than this but bear with me)

Always have three copies of your data. 1 Working copy, 1 Local backup and 1 offsite backup.

I assume that you do not want to re-rip the 9,000 albums if you still have the masters!!!

So try this on:

  1. Backup the existing database to two stand alone drives. A 4 or 6 tb drive is not that expensive these days. Get a drive toaster or the like.
  2. Buy a stand alone USB drive to put the music for Roon on. Some sort of AC powered USB drive.
  3. Run Roon for a “good amount of time” before you decide to burn the Raid array down. This should be around a $400 idea to ensure your data is safe.

Note that I actually add a fourth copy of all my data on a cloud backup service along with the drive stored in my safe deposit box.