Roon+minidsp +MSB select2

I need to request your advice on A new purchase that I wish to make.

I have currently purchased a DDRC 24, Which I realise I cannot use since it only has an analog output.

To describe my audio system:

nucleus by Roon,

MSB DAC select two

Jeff Rowland monoblock amplifiers

vivid spirit 2 speakers.

The MSB DAC has an USB input which is my preferred input (pro usb), that I would like to use. It also has a high-quality renderer (ethernet connector).

If I wish to use the DIRAC room correction system, which MINIDSP unit would be the appropriate one to connect with my MSB DAC? Importantly it needs to work with Roon and my Nucleus.

Would you please give me the best option that you recommend.

You can use this one and put it between the MSB DAC XLR-out and the Jeff Rowland monoblock amplifiers XLR-in:

Thanks for your suggestion. Yes this would work. But I may be restricted to 96K? I was thinking the SHD Studio would be better as it has no dac ?

Yes, but that is ADC’ing (redigitizing) the MSB’s output to 24/96 digital, applying Dirac filters, then converting it back to analog to send to the amp.

I think the SHD Studio may be better? Any thoughts?

The SHD Studio will resample all incoming streams to 96.