Roon minimized main window problems

Roon 1.5 (323), MacOS 10.13.4.

I noticed the following problems when Roon’s main window is minimized:

  • Choose Roon > About Roon. Nothing happens. The main window must be open/not minimized to see the information.

  • Choose Roon > Preferences… Nothing happens, same as above.

  • With Roon’s main window minimized, and with Roon active (i.e when ‘Roon’ appears in the menu bar), cursor icon behavior is problematic. The cursor icon switches between a ‘hand’ and an ‘arrow’ when the cursor is moved across the screen. The ‘hand’ appears when the cursor is located in the menu bar. I think an ‘arrow’ icon always would be better.

Mike Schuster

Not exactly, when minimised the actions are performed, but the About Roon and Preferences (Settings) are opened in the minimised app.

I see the cursor change where the photo, buttons and links were before minimising. Switch between desktops and back and this stop.

Thank you Martin, I understand.