Roon mobile: remote streaming outside of the home [done]

cant wait for that feature.
want finaly to be able to play my tracks on my smartphone or when im at my friends house.

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Yes I’m in that club too. I will say that Plex is great, and IMO no substitute for Roon when it comes to music, but allows you to stream not only all your music files, but all your photos, videos, audiobooks, and practically any media you have on your home server. It works really well, in my experience, and there are even plex apps for smart tvs, roku, apple tv, etc. I have no problem sharing the same music directory with plex and roon.


That’s what I do too, and it works a treat. Obviously not as customizable as Roon, but that hasn’t been a big deal for the most part. The major problem I have is custom playlists, just because I don’t want to take the time to work extensively on one platform and then have to duplicate it for the other.

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@danny @michael Well lo and behold. I just mentioned this on Michael’s welcome post. What happened?

From Latest Sound & Vision Magazine, interview with Enno Vandermeer:

S&V: What new features or developments can we expect from Roon in the future?

EV: Roon has historically been focused on listening in the home, and probably our most-requested feature is a way to use Roon on the go. That’s a direction we’ll be going very soon. Beyond that, we’re interested in pursuing more integrations—with streaming services, with metadata sources, and with audio manufacturers—so Roon will work better for more people around the world.


Exciting find. Sad that they choose to announce that there rather than to the customers that want it though, but hey, I’ll be happy. And recognition that it’s their most requested feature is also pretty exciting.

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How soon is very soon? I saw that and this thread is one indicator.

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its been 6 years already…dont hold your breath


Well, it’s been said out in the open so the pressure is on a bit more now. Not too happy about the other main plans being “pursuing more income”, sorry “pursuing more integrations”. They’ve been pursuing integrations for years at the expense of neglecting very popular feature requests here on the forums…


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I would like to be able to access my Roon Core through APP or Web Service, when I am in my Summerhouse or Car.

7 years… dude
if roon has nearly as many users as forum members, with a monthly subscription, they should
have the money to hire a company or some developers to realise that feature.
if plex can get it, roon should be able to do it as well…

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Much of “On the road map” I’m sure is under development already…but as with all things these days developers are damned if the say anything and damned if they don’t.

Roon has always been about it being done when its done.

While this particular feature has a higher than most vote count it remains to be seen how many will rejoice when they eventually have it and get their first mobile data use bill for accessing roon over telephone data connection. I get 60GB a month (I’m lucky) others might not be so well catered for with their Mobile supplier.

Remote access via a wifi connection might garner much more attention like when in a hotel or at a friends house. This is where I want to use it most - from another country while traveling.

waiting with baited not holding breath :slight_smile:

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My mobile plan only provides 3gigs a month (I have no interest in paying double for more data), so I wouldn’t use this feature much, if at all, while on the go. Maybe while on vacation when I have access to WiFi though?

I keep an mp3 copy of my local files on my phone for music on the go.

That’s just not true. Professionals should be able to outline the scope of work and deliver on a set schedule, incorporating expected delays into it, in the industry it’s called ‘fat’. The only time this becomes a problem is when you actually don’t know what your doing or how to get there. I imagine roon can’t nail how they want it to look or scope it properly and have large internal arguments about what the feature even is, as there are sure to be a lot of stoic old boomers there who are anti streaming and don’t understand how modern consumption methods work in modern pop culture.

End users mobile costs are their own prerogative, nothing to do with Roon offering the feature. It’s simply embarrassing that in this day and age of streaming there is not an option to stream your library remotely and via an inbuilt transcoder to shrink data usage… you know… like EVERY single streaming service does and plex.

Not if they are running devops in an agile approach. They’ll be looking at epics, features and user stories rather than a bloated waterfall methodology that defines all functionality and quality measures for same. They’ll be running in sprints and going through their product backlog prioritising as they go; they will be looking at what the MVP looks like and getting to that point and then refining post-release.


Any interview watched with any of the Roon staff dispels this, as does their approach to integrating streaming services. Roon have been very keen to get Deezer on board and partner with everyone in the streaming world.

The simpler answer is that Roon is a small team that doesn’t take investment rounds (unlike EVERY other streaming service). That will hinder the speed at which they can deliver their roadmap.

You can have the best roadmap in the world, if you are bottlenecked by other factors it’s still going to be a slow road to the end goals.

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Stopped my Roon subscription this week, just cannot justify it without mobile functionality.

I understand people’s frustrations, but as you can see by the title, it is on the roadmap and actually scheduled. That alludes to it being more advanced than just a discussion. By all means drop your subscription if you believe that is the right thing to do, but I’d advise checking back every few weeks to see what happens.

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