Roon mobile: remote streaming outside of the home [done]

Does the IOS or Android device running as a remote need to connect to the Roon core on the same network only or can the remote device access the Roon core from afar … say like my hotel room on a trip?


Same network only.
At present accessing your library from remote networks is not possible.

It is on our roadmap to make it so you can use it from afar, especially on your phone! but that is not available now and I have no schedule to share with you. Probably next year. Yes, it will be a free update.


That would really be fantastic!

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Yes, that will be fantastic. I would be able to finally ditch Audiotap, which is abandonware at this point.

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People have connected an off-site Remote to Core using a VPN, but the functionality is constrained by bandwidth:

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Just as a data point from a very happy Roon customer: I’m in Berlin and using cable (Kabel Deutschland which was recently acquired by Vodafone) for my home internet connection. I’ve spent some hours over the past few days trying to use a Roon remote from work, connecting to my Roonserver (headless) at home.

Not. Even. Close.

At least here in Germany, there’s a big move towards IPV6 for consumer internet, and the ISPs figure that because IPV6 is scary from a security standpoint, they want to provide firewalling for the consumers. Which means they are dis-allowing consumers to poke a hole, or pinhole, through a firewall. Which means I cannot connect to anything in my home from work.

So, how to make this feature happen? My guess is that Roon HQ would need to relay the music from somewhere so that when I’m at work, I connect to an account that Roon HQ knows about, then through a heartbeat mechanism, the Roonserver software at my house pings RoonHQ with “hey, do you need me to serve you something?” every couple of seconds.

This would work in the restrictive scenario here in Germany I described (my upstream is 6mbps) for Redbook audio at least, I imagine. And frankly, this is about the only scenario I can see for enabling Roon access from outside the home.

(Please make it happen soon… :smile: )



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Are you sure that’s entirely correct ? I use Deutsche Telekom DSL + a reasonably new router (Speedport name / spec escapes me at the moment) which utlises IPV6 and I can access my NAS & SlingBox & LogitechMediaServer from afar - which I’m actually doing right now.
It could be that my router’s allowing IPV4 access in parallel (I don’t know if that’s possible - the more network-savvy might wish to comment) or using some other protocol, and it could also be that your Provider has other limitations in place.

Anyway, I would also like remote access as I travel a lot, so +1 for that !

Yes, I’m 100% sure about the limitation with my device / ISP. It seems people with cable generally are more restricted with poking holes in their firewalls at home than people with DSL. And I definitely do not have a public IPV4 address that I can see. My understanding is that Vodafone is doing the IPV6 - IPV4 translations and that’s one of the reasons why I can’t poke a hole myself.

Also, regarding Slingbox, my guess is that it’s sending a heartbeat to its mothership every few seconds. That way the mothership (or you from outside your home) are not actually initiating any connection into your home. That allows Slingbox to not require a hole poked in your firewall. I really don’t know if this is what they’re doing. It’s just a guess on my part.

That’s really great that you found a working solution to this issue of connecting A/V to your home, Roland. I think at my next apartment I’ll go for DSL instead of cable just to help assure maximum flexibility.

Oh, and one other point about this is that big ISPs do not want big support headaches, so I think there’s a long, slow, push towards the consumers just being able to consume at home, and not serve any traffic. Of course, there are workarounds like what I’m guessing Slingbox is doing, but I doubt the big ISPs will be making this any easier anytime soon.

Domestic upload is very much the poor cousin for ISPs in Australia. You have to get a commercial connection before you start getting equivalent up and down bandwidth.

Again, from memory, I’m pretty sure that I needed to open a port through my router specifically for Slingbox / Slingplayer.
But as I say, the more network-tech-savvy may wish to chime in…

I too would be very interestested in such a feature. I’m currently evaluating Roon, loving what I see, and sorely missing the ability to listen to my library while at work :slight_smile:

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I use PLEX (with Plex Pass lifetime subscription) to do the same thing… But Plex lacks some important features such as gapless playback and is more limited when it comes to things like 24 Bit, ASIO and DSD playback. Plex is still great for movies, TV-shows and for basic music streaming. It has a simplier music interface which is OK, but Roon is better suited for a huge, multiple TB’s library…and I’m now evaluating your trial… I might get a lifetime subscription here too if I really like it… But in the long term… maybe in 6 months or something like that. But the remote access is must-have feature for me. ANY updates yet?

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Did I miss any developments here? Is this still not possible?

Is remote playback over Internet working by now?

Nope, This was the last Roon post on this topic:

Any updates? 2.5 years has past since that post.

To be honest I just expected this to work - especially now that smartphones can function as endpoints.

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And yet my Android TV can’t act as an endpoint.

I would like some meaningful update here, for sure.

I assume clarification is needed as there is slightly conflicting sounding information / terminology on these forums regaring this.

Mobile Audio is I’m told definately on the roadmap.

Remote playback over internet (i.e. over VPN or some kind of open port) I’m not so sure about. In another thread it was indicated this was not planned. Someone from Roon should probably clarify.

Good distinction. I would really appreciate some insight into this from Roon.

Mobile audio, whereby, you can download your library onto your phone (hopefully a transcoded version) and play that on the go? Vs. Stream directly from your home library?