Roon MQA setting for Vivaldi DAC and network bridge

Dears, i’m testing right now a Vivaldi DAC with my Network bridge. The NB is connected to the Vivaldi with 2xAES and the NB is fed by a Roon server.
I’m a bit lost in the parameters to configure the MQA with the Vivaldi DAC and the NB and i’m seeking for help as both devices are embedding MQA capabilities.
What should be the right configuration with the “MQA Capabilities” : Decoder, Renderer, Decoder + Renderer ?
What about the “Enable MQA Core Decoder” functionnality ?
In this kind of configuration who is doing what : NB first unfolding and the Vivaldi the second one ?
For information i did not use DSP like for example to transcode all files to DSD.

Is there a clear explanation somewhere in Roon or dCS (i went for all dCS documents for support on NB and Vivaldi and found nothing).

Thanks for your help.

The Bridge is an MQA decoder and the Vivaldi DAC is an MQA Renderer, so you should choose Decoder+Renderer

Activating this setting will allow Roon’s DSP to work with MQA. When DSP is applied the Roon core will first decode the MQA stream, then apply DSP, then forward it to the Bridge. The bridge will pass it through to the Vivaldi which will perform the rendering stage.

If you don’t use Roon’s DSP then this setting has no effect.


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Thanks a lot Andrew for the clarifications