Roon MQA settings for Topping D90SE

Is that same things as ORFS?

I don’t know. The manual says OFS and that is what I’ve seen on the DAC’s display when Roon is handling the first unfold and the DAC is handling the rest.

Edit: I checked again and it looks like ORFS appears in Roon signal path at same time as OFS appears on DAC’s display so I guess ORFS = OFS as far as Roon is concerned.

Yes, in MQA terminology both OFS and OrFS, and in older products/firmware, MQB all refer to the same thing.

Are you doing grouped multi-endpoint playback? If that’s the case, skipping is normal for anything other than Renderer only. Other settings (Decoder and Renderer, None, etc.) could only work normally if you are doing a single zone playback.

Thanks, that’s really helpful, I’ll listen like this all day tomorrow when I’m working from home …thanks

I do have multiple zones but only ever use one at a time unless it’s by accident. Cheers

I was very happy this morning after moving the NODE + Topping D90ES to my office/gym and listening to it for 1.5 hours during my workout without a single drop/cut but unfortunately, at the end of my workout, the D90ES started dropping and cutting again. It’s really disappointing as it sounds really good and I want to keep it but for me reliability with Roon is more important that maybe 5% to 10% increase in sound quality so this one goes back to the dealer.

I’m still listening to MQA but on render only and it’s not skipping. I’ve not had a Dac before so this is a huge step up in quality from the Node on its own and although I like Roon I could live without it so I’m the opposite to you!! If this continues I’ll be happy for Roon to do the first unfold and D90SE the second…my Kef ls50 metas sound like different speakers


From my personal experience the internal Bluesound DAC was always the weak point and I saw a very decent SQ uptick when I went SPDIF out to a McIntosh Dac compared to RCA analog out from the Vault 2i as I had been using it.


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A/B/C comparison between NODE Analog outs, NODE + Topping D90ES and Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 3. Switcher is a Drawmer CMC3 which allows 2 sources and you can switch between them on the fly. I first compared the NODE + Topping D90ES with Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 3. Second comparison was done between NODE analog outs alone with NODE + Topping D90ES feed with Coax out from NODE and balanced outs to Drawmer CMC3.

After 2 hours A/B switching and almost breaking the Source Select buttons, all I’m going to say is that to my ears and with the speakers I have in my office, the Bluesound NODE alone is a very fine DAC/Streamer which doesn’t need any external help and the D90ES is going back to the dealer. Just try this experiment and be honest with yourself. You will save tons of time and $$$$.

PS: Sorry for the mess :slight_smile:


As long as you are happy then that is really all that matters!


Call that a mess, looks more like a test bench to me :roll_eyes::grin:


Very professional set up!!! I love all this trial and error but when I do an AB Test, admittedly a different one, I can definitely hear a difference between the Node 2i on its own and paired with the D90SE. I run them through a NAD integrated amp and into KEF LS50 Metas so maybe the amp is adding/taking away from the test? I couldn’t say whether the Node or Node/Topping is “better” but the Node sounds like it is indoors and slightly muffled compared to the Node/Topping which sounds like its outdoors and cleaner/sharper maybe. The bass is the most noticeable difference on the AB test and I do use a sub.

I am a huge fan of the Node 2i and I would never get rid of it from my system and the Topping is expensive but I’d be reluctant to not have an external Dac now.

I’m getting cables today so I can hook up and test my CD player and Mac Mini through the Topping.

Hi GLC650,

I know I’m really late to this topic, but I may have some insight to offer. I too have a Topping D90SE (awesome, by the way) it is connected via USB to my Roon Nucleus Ver. B. As it stands, I didn’t even notice that all of my file formats, except DSD were displaying as PCM. The sample rate (e.g., 44.1 kHz was always spot-on), but I wasn’t getting MQA format through the D90SE. What I discovered is that I had to turn off all DSP filters, including my Audeze preset. The D90SE is setup as follows:
MQA Capabilities: Decoder and Renderer
Enable MQA core decoder is set to yes/on
This configuration provides full MQA playback. I tested my new settings by listening to RoonShareImage-637721759215103700, which showed up on the D90SE as MQA 352.8kHZ. I can’t say for certain, but it is possible that MQA is an iteration of PCM, which is why the sample rate is spot-on. Anyway, I hope this helps.

MQA is PCM. It’s not a new format of digital audio entirely, it’s just proprietary processing and resampling of PCM


Hi GoldenSound,

That is certainly plausible. Do you have any articles on the matter?


Hi GoldenSound,

Hope all is well.

I just saw your review of the A90 on YouTube. In my experience with it, I have to say your review is fair, accurate. I’m using the D90SE with the A90 and I find the sound to be quite clean, detailed. Any experiences with this particular combo? Also, were you able to locate any articles on the whole PCM/MQA discussion?

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Talk to John to see if they can look at it for you in Topping, because my Dac D90 goes great with Roon.And I am very sorry that you have such a problem and you cannot fully enjoy the Dac.a hug mate

On man, that was almost 2 years ago. I sent mine back and got a full refund. I did that because John told me to send it back as he wasn’t able to fix the issue. Currently I have a Topping E50 which work without any issues getting signal over coax from my Bluesound NODE.

Ah ok, perfect