Roon multichannel - to the OPPO HDMI

Hi - I want to use multichannel files through Roon. My current end point (I think that is the term) is an OPPO 205. I understand that multichannel is not possible when running direct to the OPPO because of incompatibility of the formats (RAAT or something).

My question is if I put a laptop between the core and the OPPO and fed the OPPO from HDMI would it then be able to process the multichannel files appropriately?

If this would work, is this what is known as a bridge?

If possible I will try to set it up tomorrow - if not I will have to use the software from the OPPO to play these files (I just would like to use Roon).

Thanks all in advance for any help.


That should work.

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So then do I install Roon Bridge in the laptop?

Thanks again.

Update I am able to run Roon multichannel to the hdmi input of the OPPO 205. My core is hooked up directly to the hdmi input of the Oppo and using waspi on the core and as the zone in Roon.

Seems like good news that I wanted to share.