Roon native version for Apple Silicon [done]

Dear Roon staff,

please consider offering Roon natively for Apple Silicon. The new Mac generation is absolutely fantastic and a native version of Roon would fit sooo nice. The performance of native ARM software is just incredible.



You should only see a 10% hit which shouldn’t be noticed at all. Like 0. Doesn’t mean I don’t want it though!

I know. But I have to try as least no?

Roon Labs has already said they intend to do this.

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Hey All,

+1 for Room releasing a universal binary. I know they have said they are going to do it, but just throwing my support for having a universal binary for Apple Silicon. :slight_smile:

For no good technical reason at all I am not installing rosetta on my MBP M1, and the only apps I am missing is Room, Adobe Lightroom Classic and Signal. Pretty impressive for a new architecture.


+1 on this. I’m a weirdo about not installing Rosetta 2 as well, if for no other reason than it can’t be uninstalled (as far as I know). We need the Apple Silicon native version :~)

I check this site daily for updates. I got Roon listed as not native yet, but working with Rosetta 2.

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+1 from another weirdo.

I don’t have rosetta installed and have everything I need, I will wait for a native app of Roon ARM
not using rosetta

A native App for iOS would make a lot more sense.


I actually want both :wink: But I kinda agree, at this stage a native iOS app would be awesome.

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+1, Picked up a new M1 MacBook Air. This one is staying lean with no Rosetta installed. Roon is the only software I use that is still not native.

M1 macpro Roon runs fine on it, not overly bothered about it being native or not, not installed Rosetta what ever that is. But I only use it as a controller and endpoint.

It runs fine on my M1 Mac mini also. You must have Rosetta installed for it to run as it’s currently Intel code, not Arm. Running Intel software via Rosetta causes some bloat and less battery life. Don’t really care on my Mac mini, but my MacBook Air is staying clean.

Work may have installed it as it’s a work laptop. I appear to have flagged your post by mistake. @moderators can you sort that please.

Would be great if Roon can give a timing when native M1/Apple silicon version of Roon is available!
Thanks Roon team!

Please make Roon Apple Silicon ready asap !!


The only answer you will ever get from Roon is “sometime between tomorrow and the end of time”.


I agree, Jez. For paid software, I find Roon’s stance (the company) completely unacceptable. Yes, the latest Roon works on Rosetta, but don’t try to use it like a native app. If you’re rushing, it will crash.

As of Dec 2021, Roon have had over a year to do a native app. Dead disappointed, esp. as how many people are seriously using Linux and Roon? Not as many as on the new Macs, I’ll bet. Even Adobe have updated nearly all their apps. I despair.

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I was disappointed too. I asked recently and was given the same generic response which means it’s not going to happen until Rosetta2 is no longer supported. Went ahead and bought the intel 6-core i5 Mac mini instead because I’m not going to live Rosetta hell again.

I’d imagine Roon Labs is waiting on the M1-native implementation of .NET. You might look at this announcement from November, where Microsoft says “…our team has been working on native support for the Apple M1 processor, and it will be available soon in a future preview.” I presume they’ll wait for that, and then wait some more to see how well it works, probably holding off till an official release, maybe even for a second release (the bug-fix release), before they put out a build based on it.

Supply chain issues, again.