Roon native version for Apple Silicon [done]

No use asking me - I don’t work for Roon Labs, and have no insight into their plans… :upside_down_face:

Also would love to see this. Migrated both my main laptop remote and Mac mini roon core to M1 and performance has improved for all software, but for native software it’s significantly better. This would be a significant feature moving forward. Hope it’s on the roadmap. Just voted for it.

Also at this stage 2022 seems to be the year most major developers have caught up and released native builds. For such a product like Roon, this is one of the last few to lag behind (Ableton Live finally caught up last month with version 11.1)


Just had to install Rosetta on my new MacBook Pro to run Roon. Not very impressed - it’s the only app I’ve needed to install Rosetta for and I have a lot of apps. So +1 on voting for this, and I hope I can uninstall Rosetta afterwards.

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Did you add your vote at the top of the page? I don’t think Roon take much notice of +1’s, but the votes are significant.

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Good grief. Roonlab’s archaic software development tools seem to be the reason there’s no Apple Silicon version. This is now making me regret buying a lifetime licence - the overhead, instability and poor performance is becoming a deal killer, especially when they’ve had 2 years in which to sort this out.


In this case, the votes on this topic don’t matter much because this work has been underway regardless of the votes. It’s critical we get there, but it’ll take time. The majority of the world has not become Apple Silicon ready for similar reasons to our own (framework dependencies). We all want it, but platform changes can years. It’s why Rosetta was so critical for Apple in this release.

Patience is required, a lot of patience. Luckily, Apple has done a great job to make it easy to be patient.


Roon / @brian giveth:

" Migrating to .NET 6.0 has benefits aside from Apple Silicon support, as well. It’s a lot faster than Mono, and has better memory management behavior. It will make it easier for people to maintain large libraries on Macs going forwards."

And Roon / @danny taketh away:

“Patience is required, a lot of patience.”

Fingers crossed that .NET/ARM won’t need as much patience as ‘Roon mobile’.



I vote as well for a M1 version of roon. Recently got a lifetime subscription and I love roon but it still feels a bit like running a android app on the M1 MacBook compared to the native apps.

And roon really drains the battery. Without running roon it’s ridiculous how long the battery life of the M1 MacBook Air is. But with roon running it feels like I’m using a Windows laptop again


I didn’t, but will now, thanks for the heads-up.

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This. Battery life is a significant consideration for me too, and I’m sure many others.

There was also a great deal of concern a while back about Rosetta run applications chewing up the (non-replaceable) SSD with alarming speed.

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I run my Roon Core on an M1 MAC Mini with zero issues and also use my MAC Mini 2012 for my Roon Server without any issues. I too hope they have an Apple Silicon version…I’m in year 6 with no issues so I can be patient…None of my connections are wireless except my iPad Pro for Roon playback control.

What do you mean by “Roon Core” and “Roon Server”. The “Roon Server” is the “Roon Core” without a user interface. That is what I am running on my M1 Mac mini. I have to use a client app to manage Roon. The Roon Server is always the Roon Core if it is active.

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Well Music Junkie, I’m not really sure…When I started messing with Room Correction other than using a Dirac MINI DSP set up (now up for sale) I wanted to try Convolution Filters from HAF. I was told that I needed to use Roon Core on a different but networked computer. I even had a gent from Roon ask me your same question…but after explaining like I just did above, he never got back to me…???

All I know is it works flawlessly!

Oh. I think you mean Roon Core and Roon Endpoint. The Roon Core is the computer doing all the work while the Roon Endpoint in on the other end of the Ethernet connection directly connected to the DAC.

Well I guess…but my entire library is on the 2012 MAC Mini but I can update my whole Roon software from any of my devices…It works that’s all I know…

Sorry but that does not compute. Roon core is really only a name given to the computer running the Roon server software which all endpoints and remotes connect to. This is normally the full Roon package which is then running as Roon server , Roon Remote and Roon bridge in one app. Roon core can also be just Roon server app running on its own or in combination with Roon bridge app. There are both separate installs and have no graphical user interface.

You would then use another computer running Roon run purely as a remote and it also has the option of being a bridge and endpoint. This allows heavy duty to be done on core and remote browsing to be done via another computer. On the server machine as it has no graphical interface runs more efficiently on older kit. That is why they recommended it to you. But it’s not Roon core and Roon server. Sometimes Roons nomenclature is confusing to some.

Well for a while my 2012 Mini was the only Roon software I had as that is where my library is at. Then when wanting to try Room Correction with Convolution Filters, I was told I had to install a different Roon Software (Roon Core is what they told me) on a networked computer so that the convolution filters could accomplish their job. At first my Office computer (Home of the Roon Core) was a 2012 iMac. The M1’s came out and wanted to update/replace my iMAC with the new MAC Mini. My 2020 iPad Pro is the only Roon tool I use that’s wireless.

Yeah the battery drain on Macs is not a Apple Silicon issue. Roon (Remote) has always (==as long as I’ve been using it) used a lot of CPU on Macs. Don’t know why as the “heavy lifting” is done by the core. On my M1 MacBook Pro 14" Roon seems to take at least 10% CPU regardless of what it’s doing.

Fake news removed.


TLDR but when will native M1 support occur?

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Dear Roon-Team,

please give us a native M1 version of Roon.
That would be great!

Thank you,

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