Roon needs a guest profile feature!

It just occurred to me that Roon needs a guest profile feature:

  1. To avoid guests contaminating your favourites, history, etc.
  2. Guest profile should not react to history etc. in terms of suggestions.
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Nothing stopping you from doing that! Click your profile name at the top of the navigation menu to open the profile picker, then click Make the name “Guest” and you can switch to it whenever you like.

Sure, but it doesn’t address my point 2: a profile which takes no notice of what is selected / played when making suggestions.

Ah, I see. I’ll discuss it with the team!

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Thanks. It’s clearly not a high priority feature (and (1) is fulfilled by simply creating a profile as you suggested), but if it’s fairly easy to do… (on the other hand, history-based suggestions may be part of the DNA of the app)

We need a guest profile where guests can’t edit, add or delete anything. That is, the library is read and play only.


This might be useful if other profiles required authentication, but they don’t…hence it’s a poor solution. Alcohol makes people do stupid things.

My assumption was that a password type authentication method would be added to profiles in order to achieve this.

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As a dad who just installed Roon on his two kids’ laptops, I agree, we need user profiles and permissions. A whole home solution means whole family, and without it, it’s incomplete.


Just for the record, my posts in this thread were made before I joined Roon!

You’ve changed man. Back then you were quirky. Wanting zany things like a guest profile; maybe even party mode ! I miss the old you :disappointed:.


There’s another thread on profile management here: Roon really needs profile management at this point

This type of feature would definitely make Roon a LOT easier for my family to use.


Well, it is one of those things you forgive in a non-mature product that has fantastic features and potential. It becomes more critical to implement as the product matures and as users commit to it. I think we’re there with Roon now. That’s personal to my family but I assume with others as well. I’m trying to create 2 new Roon users for subscription fees 5 years from now, but it shouldn’t screw up my library!