Roon needs more shortcuts

I noticed the keyboard shorcuts is rather short. I think this software could benefit from more shortcuts. Some examples would be shortcuts to:

  • enqueue a track
  • enqueue an album
  • add next
  • clear queue

For instance, one could click a track and then press Q to enqueue it.

You can already add a track to the queue by clicking init and selecting add to queue.

Who uses a keyboard ?

I would have thought the majority use a phone or more likely a tablet

I do. It needs keyboard shortcuts or any other shortcut in order to enqueue tracks easily. How com I have to do 3 clicks (track > play symbol > enqueue) to enqueue a track. I can even to this in foobar… On Roon you don’t even get a play options menu when you do right click, it makes no sense…

I’m all for keyboard shortcuts, but I think they are more useful when you don’t have to click on something first. In Roon, they are for global actions, such as play/pause, show screen saver etc.

BTW, the use case you are mentioning is requires only two clicks (not three) on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. Click on the track, followed by one more click on the desired action on the popup such as add next, play now, etc. I find the second click easier than reaching for a keyboard shortcut.

For instance, you could include right click and middle click functions. For example, if I right click on a track, it would be logical for the top bar to pop-up and not making me move the mouse all over to the top of the screen. And see the default behaviour when I right click, what’s the point of having that menu collapsed? Make it extended by defautlt, in fact you can even place it where I wrote “Here” for easier access. Having to make these many clicks does grind my gears, like Peter Griffin would say

I agree. It is strange that right click is used for selection. Right click usually bring up a menu. Control-Click or Command-Click is usually used for selection, but in Roon its behaving like right click!

I was referring left clicking on a track that brings up the menu right near the mouse.

ha! I never realized left clicking poped-up the menu. Hey, that’s a relief!

I’m glad.

Left and right buttons are swapped compared to Windows / Mac UX standards. Guess I got used to the left click for the longest time. I’d sometimes unintentionally select a track, didn’t understand why. It was only today I realized today this was due to right clicks. LOL.

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I would like to see global shortcuts for at least play/pause/next/previous so Roon would become usable with flirc remote even when it is not on front. Using a infrared remote just to skip a track or pause music to answer the phone for example is about 10 to 20 times faster then waiting for IOS app to come alive.