Roon needs to display album covers mostly full screen

(I tried to put this under feature requests but I cannot find that category anymore…)

The closest thing to a reasonably full screen album art display is by clicking/touching the album cover in the lower left of the bottom bar. But this only uses about 55% of the screen, and the rest is blurry gobblygook. PLUS, to display this, you have to give up the ability to manage the playlist or queue tracks or whatever.

Please, Roon, create an alternative chrome/web display, external window, something, that is the album art.

When I originally subscribed to Roon, the marketing page was a giant album cover with a promise to turn a digital collection into something that sizzles as much as an LP cover. Roon is great, but this is definitely needed.

This had been renamed quite some time ago…

Not that the following is a one click Roon made feature, as you request, but you might find an interim resolution in this thread.