Roon needs to improve their integration of music services

Roon has failed to deliver:

  1. A mobile solution. Asked for since the beginning. Promised and not delivered since shortly after that.

  2. Better integration with Qobuz. If I play a Qobuz track that’s in my Roon library in a Qobuz app, it should register as a play in Roon. I have several bookmarks that rely on play count and last-played date. Qobuz certainly knows when a track is played; it has to pay the artists. Why isn’t that info passed to Roon?

  3. More better integration with Qobuz. The playlist situation is a complete mess. Every single playlist must be duplicated to be edited, in either direction. Unacceptable. Even one-way editing would be better: let me edit Qobuz playlists in Roon and have those changes show up in Qobuz.

Roon is now relegated to my local library management and my Qobuz sub is cancelled with the advent of lossless and hi-res offerings from Apple and Spotify. I’m tired of trying to keep my music library synced between services and devices. Roon was supposed to help me do that a long time ago, but it’s never fully delivered on that promise.

I think it’s an interesting irony that Apple Music adopted Lossless and Hi-Res audio before Roon adopted a mobile solution. I put faith in the Roon devs to get that done by buying a lifetime license. I should have stuck with a subscription.


From memory, Roon was never offered as a mobile solution at all. I know many people want this, and who knows, one day they may provide the service. But to complain is like complaining to Ford that your new car doesn’t fly yet… They never offered this in the first place.


I see your point, but, Ford wasn’t promising a flying car shortly after the Model-T came off the line.

Roon, on the other hand, has been openly talking about integrating some form of mobile solution for at least as long as I’ve been here, which is 2016, and, I know that it was being discussed here well before then; not only as something that has been desired by users, but, also, as something which was “in the works” by the Roon team.

It not as though users have been asking for it in a vacuum.

That’s true Chris, however, it has been on Roon’s Roadmap since 2015 …

Which does set expectation, so it’s quite fair to ask questions and make comment on it … but of course there is still no entitlement … Roon is what it is, new features no matter how anticipated they are should be consider a bonus.

That said, Danny has recently responded in that topic, it looks like a step closer now … in that the development work for this is now scheduled. At least we now know that that light at the end of the tunnel is not another train heading towards us :slight_smile:

Whilst on topic as the OP mentioned it, the main subject of this topic is for better Roon integration of streaming services, so I’d suggest we focus on that aspect and leave Remote playback to the existing topic.


IT Roadmaps are dynamic living things that respond to new requirements and priorities. But resources are always limited. If Roon subscribers are cancelling due to other hi-res offerings, then integration of those new services may be a higher priority (if it is on the roadmap at all) than mobile Roon?

I am happy with Tidal and Roon. The integration is perfect for my needs having almost all the music in the world available and limited time to enjoy it all.


If I never left the house, Qobuz and Roon would be perfect for me, too. (Except for that playlist thing and that play count thing I mentioned earlier.)