Roon no longer seeing android devices


i recently moved my roon install from my wireless laptop to my ds918+ nas and its working great but i can no longer see any android devices. i can only see my wired digione

I put the below post on a synology facebook help page and havent heard anything back but i can cast fine from all my other devices to my various android devices
Nvidia shield, google home mini with the screen, chomecast audio and chromecast video gen 2
which were all showing up on the wireless laptop install.

my ds918+ cant see to be able to see my two chromecasts one it wired and the other is wireless. i have my isp router in bridge mode and i that going to google wifi into a netgear gs908v2 switch which feeds into another netgear gs908v2 switch in a different room that was connected to my NAS. i have now plugged in my NAS directly into the google wifi but roon still cant see the chromecasts as an end point. when i had roon on my wireless laptop i did see the chromecast im pretty sure. any ideas what might be causing this?

turning off the vswitch on the nic fixed the issue