Roon not connecting to core

I just posted this but dont see it. Apologies if reposting is a bad move.
We had a power outage.
When I now engage ROON it comes up and shows me

-Choose your Roon Core
-It shows the core and has a green dot with “ready” next to it.
-when i click “connect” it takes me to a log on screen (something i have had not do do in a very long time
-When I enter my log in info it tells me that I am already signed in and that i can only sign into 1 core at a time (i have no other cores). It then goes on to say if i want to connect to core i previously set up to “go back”
When I do this im taken back to the very same place.
It then gives me the option of “unauthorizing”
Should I Unautherize this NUC and just start over?

I reloaded a back up but back at same place.
Sign in screen then told im already signed in.
Power outages and Roon are going to be the death of me

Hi Tom,

Fellow user like you. I think that if you Unauthorize, it will then let you Authorize.


thank you Daniel.
Was just gonna tried that.
paranoid fear it would prevent that machine from being used again but logically I talked myself down from that.
Ill try it