Roon not discovering Bluesound speakers

Surprised on that one so checked with the developers and they checked it into the next main release, working on it being added to a maintenance schedule now.

Great to hear that. I must admit that I haven’t experienced the issue since 2.10.6.
Thanks for your feedback.

Good to hear, Bluesound is definitely top of my list for kitchen and bedroom upgrades but this sample rate issue is what’s holding me from pressing the trigger.


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I’ve bought a Pulse Mini for my kitchen (hard wired through ethernet), and it’s really amazing. Even when my source get’s up- or down sampled to 48kHz. :wink: I’m confident though this issue will be resolved…

@Andrew_Haines What about the Roon-Bluesound MQA fix? Is that coming soon?

Thanks for the question, I wrote a few weeks ago and Brian updated that there is code required in RAAT to adapt to, which is planned for their next release.

@Andrew_Haines Any news in the ‘convert everything to 48KHz’ issue that affects some (but not all) Bluesound products?

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