Roon not implementing the behaviours set out in

My query is in relation to the guidance set out here:

and use of the PERSONNEL tag

From the aformentioned link:

one would think having tags like:

METADATA block #2
is last: false
length: 6727
vendor string: reference libFLAC 1.3.2 20170101
comments: 34
comment[0]: album=Death of a Gypsy
comment[1]: style=Blues-Rock
comment[2]: style=South African Pop
comment[3]: performer=Piet Botha
comment[4]: performer=Jack Hammer
comment[5]: recordinglocation=Delarey Studios, Johannesburg
comment[6]: title=Codename Ruby
comment[7]: personnel=Vocals - Piet Botha
comment[8]: personnel=Guitar - Piet Botha
comment[9]: personnel=Guitar - Lanie van der Walt
comment[10]: personnel=Harmonica - Piet Botha
comment[11]: personnel=Piano - Piet Botha
comment[12]: personnel=Drums - Paul van de Waal
comment[13]: personnel=Vocals (Additional) - Karlien van Niekerk
comment[14]: personnel=Vocals (Additional) - Stean van der Walt
comment[15]: personnel=Bass - Lowell Jeffrey
comment[16]: personnel=Flute - Kevin Davidson
comment[17]: personnel=Saxophone - Kevin Davidson
comment[18]: personnel=Producer - Phillip Nel
comment[19]: personnel=Audio Engineer - Phillip Nel
comment[20]: personnel=Audio Production - Phillip Nel
comment[22]: artist=Piet Botha
comment[23]: artist=Jack Hammer
comment[24]: label=Wildebeest Records
comment[25]: genre=Pop/Rock
comment[26]: catalog=WILD001
comment[27]: albumartist=Jack Hammer
comment[28]: composer=Piet Botha
comment[29]: country=South Africa
comment[30]: date=1996-03-01
comment[31]: tracknumber=1
comment[32]: amgtagged=0
comment[33]: compilation=0

would give outcomes similar to the picture above, but instead all it yields is:

Where’s the problem?

Looks like your tag format does not conform to the Roon expectation.

personnel=Flute - Kevin Davidson

Should be
personnel=Kevin Davidson - Flute


Thanks, sometimes one is too close to the issue and you see what you want to see.

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