Roon not importing files


Roon is not importing any files at all. Not a single one.

Collection is about 80k tracks. Mostly FLAC and APE. There area few others like DSF, WAV, ISO and WV.

I found a similar post with a solution. But I have absolutely no idea what a solution “located between the keyboard and the chair” means. Not much point keeping these solve topics unless they are intelligible.

So can you help me reinvent the wheel. What am I doing wrong? I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling a couple of times.


Where are the files located on the PC itself or an external harddrive/NAS?

Apple or Windows?

Its a local disk, Windows 10.

I’m not sure what would be the issue aside from something wrong with the path name for the watched folder. I’m on windows 10 and haven’t had any issues in that regard.

By default it looks like Roon lists the default Windows Music folder in the watched folders and then you have the ability to add others through the Add Folder -->Add Local Folder --> and then pasting in the path.

A few of these aren’t supported in Roon right now, but the ones that are should import fine if Windows has all the appropriate media packs.

Any chance you’re running a version of Windows that’s missing these media dependencies, like Windows N or KN?

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It is just regular Windows 10, 64bit, home edition.

It is a dedicated PC I normally use for JRiver. It doesn’t really do anything else other than JRiver and a few utilities like backup.

Ok, let’s grab some logs and have a look at what’s going on then.

I’ll be in touch via PM and we’ll figure this out. Stand by!

I have a very simple directory structure:


I have tried watching the ‘audio’ root. I have tried adding individual sub-directories.

The updating ‘circle’ spins for a while. When I click on that I can see a message with 85k tracks countib=ng backwards down to zero. Bu nothing is actually added to the library.

This screenshot might help

Hey @Tony_Casey – check out the PM I just sent you.

You need to click your “T” avatar in the top-right, then click the little mail icon. You should have a message from me there with instructions.