Roon not playing files present in Qobuz

What is going on? This has been for a few months now. A few albums seems to not be found.
Not much of a premium player when not able to play files that is obviously there.
The dialouge text reads ”This track is not available in Qobuz”. But it is.

@Christer_Molander, my guess is this is a licensing issue. Where are you located? I’m in the States, and all tracks are available to me.

@Christer_Molander a search through the community post will reveal some solutions to the problems you are experiencing, two of them have been recorded as solutions:-

  1. from settings/services log out of Qobuz then log back in.
  2. change dns to cloudfare ( or google dns (

These methods have also resolved other network related problems which affect Roon, a search of the community may reveal other potential problems.

I’m in Sweden. Never been a problem before Arc. Installed Arc when it got out and these problems started then.

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Thanks. Will try.

If the album is in your Qobuz libary remove it and search it in Qobuz and than add it to your library. Qobuz sometimes add a new version to it library.


Thank you Fietser. That solved it.
Strange behaviour though.