Roon not recognizing MA9000 in signal path

I am running Roon on a NUC 10 to a Bluesound Node 2i connected to a McIntosh MA9000 integrated amp via an optical connection. Using the DAC in the McIntosh. I am unable to define
the amp as a device the audio settings. I know the MA9000 is a Roon Ready device.
The signal path recognizes the Node 2i but not the MA9000, it shows up as Output. Is this due to the optical connection. Would it be better to connect via USB.
Thanks in advance.

That is correct. Roon cannot gain information of the DAC used if its via optical as no data is sent in reverse from the DAC via optical it’s the same for coax. Only USB or Network connections allow two way communication between DACS streamers and Roon. This goes for any programme not just Roon. The Node 2i has no USB Audio so it won’t make any difference. Stay with what you have your not loosing out because Roon doesn’t see the DAC.

Thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated.