Roon not warning of track miss-matches

I have been chewing my way through the Great Pianists of he 20th Century box and i am seeing a lot of errors. This one is worrying. Roon provides no warning that there are obvious miss-matches at a track title level. They seem to have passed some threshold on the basis of track timings.

All 4 of these track titles and the compositions they have been assigned to are wrong.

I have managed to solve this. There was some unexpected composition grouping.

Hi Tony, I’m finally gearing up to rip ‘Great Pianists’ - all 200 CDs - and I’m wondering if you have any suggestions before I begin? Thank you, Gregg

Hi Gregory,

I am away from home at the moment, so I’ll re-post when I have more detail.

The main advice I would give is to tag each 2CD Vol. with sufficient information so that you get a roon identification at the Vol. rather than the box-set level. On that basis roon will do a very good job. I seem to remember there were a few Vols. roon didn’t identify but the databases roon is drawing on now are probably more complete. You can then group the Vols together with a green roon tag for easy access as a complete box-set that can be navigated by individual Vol. level artwork. Much easier.

However, it’s hopeless trying to tag something like this entirely by hand so you need to use a ripper with on-line lookup. I am a Windows user and if I was doing it again I would use dbPoweramp to get a tag baseline and then re-edit where necessary as suggested below. I might even use SongKong for a project like this. Mac users will no doubt advise other tools.

Once you have a baseline of tags from your rippers on-line lookup you are probably going to need to make a few manual edits. For example, you must make sure each Vol. is titled simply Great Pianists, Vol. 001, or similar. CDs’ should be numbered 1/2 or 2/2 only and I found it helped a lot to put in all the contributory labels separated by semi-colons and the Philips catalogue numbers for each Vol. if you have the patience. Depending on the ripper you used you may well have to replace the album artist “Various Artists” with the actual Great Pianist of the particular Vol. I also remember that roon often offered quite a few identification options so you may find yourself doing quite a bit of manual Vol. identification than you may be used to

Good luck

Thank you, Tony, you are much to kind to reply while away from home! Your advice is excellent. I already use dbPoweramp so not an issue there. I will be careful and cautious with tagging and be cognizant of potential traps… My main concerns are with how to best title each disc/volume and your suggestions confirm what I suspected. As for patience, well, that remains to be seen. I already ripped the complete set via iTunes ages ago - all as mp3’s, sadly. This is long overdue and with COVID restrictions now I can’t ignore the opportunity I have to finally address this. Thank you again !