Roon Nucleus and devialet USB connection

This is a question for anyone who happens to know the answer. It is possible to conect the roon nucleus to the Devialet expert Pro via a USB cable? I was a bit skeptical because I thought that the USB connection is for external hard drives or pen drives only. If it is possible to make a connection, and the sound quality is good hopefully, that is a better connection then the roon streaming wirelessly to the Devialet. Currently I have the roonContacting wirelessly to the dCS network bridge which connects via a digital XLR cable to the Devialet. My rationale behind it was because the dCS has excellent sound quality and the best connection to the Devialet is through a digital XLR. Recently I have been told by a few people to get rid of the dCS network bridge so as to keep the boxes to a minimum. They are of the opinion that I will get just as good sound quality without the dCS network bridge. Anybody’s thoughts on this?

Yes, it is possible to connect the Devialet expert Pro via a USB cable, and it is working fine.
I tried here below connections:

  • USB cable.
  • Ethernet via router.
  • Ethernet via switch.
  • Ethernet direct cable connection (remote control of Devialet via mobile application is lost).

They all sound great, almost identical. Still, there are small differences, so it is better to try yourself and see what is best for you.
I didn’t try WiFi.

Okay thanks you for the quick response. Just need a few clarifications; when you connect them directly through a USB cable, how do you use the Devialet remote application from the phone? Is it through Wi-Fi or through an ethernet switch?

When you use a switch in the third connection what is the connection diagram? Lastly with a direct cable connection using ethernet cable, I imagine you can still use the Devialet application remote if you enable Wi-Fi. Is that correct?

Devialet connected via USB: in order to use remote application from the phone, Devialet must be also connected to the same network as the phone (via WiFi or Ethernet). Switch or router, it doesn’t matter (it just for commands, no audio).

Switch diagram:

  • Cable connection between router and switch.
  • Roon and Devialet only connected to the switch. Of course, it is not forbidden to connect other devices to switch, but I avoid this in order to minimize possible electrical noise.

Direct cable connection using Ethernet cable and Devialet application remote, if you enable WiFi: as far as I know, Devialet is not allowing both Ethernet and WiFi at the same time (but I didn’t try this).

Thank you, much obliged


did you get to try this? What did you find? The dCS NB is known to sound very good so it would surprise if USB direct to Devialet sounds better.